Babywearing Your Newborn


There are many benefits to close contact,  skin to skin and frequent feeds during the immediate postpartum period. Babywearing can allow for all three of those things while leaving mom’s hands mostly free. Babywearing can be very helpful for being out and about but it is also very helpful around the home while mom is healing.  Here are a few benefits to babywearing with your newborn:

1. Easy skin to skin. While you do not need a carrier for skin to skin one can be helpful so mom has free hands. Many babies also enjoy the snug feeling of a cloth carrier.  Skin to skin has many benefits and babywearing can make it easier to do it more often.

2. Positive impact on milk supply. Close contact with your baby causes the release of the hormone oxytocin which aids in milk supply and let down. Breastfeeding is a natural body process and the natural desires of baby to be close to mom assists that process. Babywearing is an easy way to meet baby’s need for closeness.

3. May help symptoms of postpartum mood disorders. Postpartum mood disorders are complex and many variables have an impact. Babywearing causes the release of oxytocin, known as the feel good or love hormone, and lowers stress hormones. For some women this can aid in coping and recovery along with their other treatments.

4. Security, comfort and bonding. During the initial postpartum period babies have a big adjustment to life outside of the womb. Being close and snug in a carrier helps many babies feel secure and helps with bonding.  Babies with gastric discomforts, very common in the early weeks, benefit from the upright position and the comfort of their care provider.

5. Lower stress during the postpartum period.  In addition to lowering stress hormones the practical benefits can lower the overall stress of adjusting to life with a new addition.  Mom is able to have free hands and baby is likely to cry less making the adjustment more enjoyable for both mom and baby.