Bed-sharing, Is It Safe?


Adding a new addition to your family often means life revolving around getting enough sleep to function.  Some families find co-sleeping (baby within arms reach but not necessarily on a shared surface) and bed-sharing to aid in the quest of adequate sleep during life with an infant.  With PSA campaigns, advice from family and varying recommendations from healthcare providers it can be confusing to decide what sleep arrangement works best for your family.

Co-sleeping,  as in baby within arms reach, is recommended for at least the first few months.  Newborns pattern their breathing after nearby adults and being close while sleeping is a safety precaution. Is it safe to co-sleep while in the same bed? In short, yes, bed-sharing can be safe for some families. There are many infant sleep experts that provide excellent evidenced based information to help you decide what is best for your family.
These are a few resources explaining the safety of bed-sharing and the guidelines for safe sleeping: