Birth Doula Services

IMG_8363Birth doula support includes two prenatal visits, support during the duration of your labor and at least one hour following delivering, and a postpartum follow up visit. During pregnancy, your birth doula is available to provide support and education as you prepare for delivery.

During delivery a birth doula:

  • Joins the mother when she requests, whether at home or at the birthing facility
  • Provides emotional support and physical support through a variety of comfort measures
  • Comes alongside mom’s partner or other labor support and works with them to provide mom the support she desires
  • Encourages communication between mom, her labor team, and healthcare providers
  • She does not make decisions for mom, rather she provides information and support so mom can make the decisions for herself
  • Provides encouragement, reminders, and practical support
  • Helps to facilitate mom’s desired birth plans
  • Seeks to protect mom’s memory of birth as a positive and empowering experience
  • Assists with initial latching and bonding following delivery

For more information and pricing contact us as prices vary. Doulas serve hospitals, birth centers and home births for families delivering in the greater Philadelphia area including parts of New Jersey.