Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding is our biological norm but there are still challenges that may occur. Whether things go smoothly from the start or there are bumps along the way, support is key in reaching your breastfeeding goals.

Partner Support
Partner support can make a big difference in the early days as you develop your nursing relationship. It also impacts the duration of breastfeeding.  More information about partner support:

Dads and Breastfeeding
Bonding Without Bottles

Professional Support
When challenges arise, the sooner they are dealt with the better your nursing relationship will progress. In many cases, having support from the beginning can even prevent challenges.  Postpartum doulas can help with breastfeeding initiation, normal breastfeeding challenges and education. If any problems arise beyond normal initiation,  such as continuous painful latch or refusal of the breast,  a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) can evaluate what is going on and help develop a plan to reach your breastfeeding goals. To find an IBCLC in your area visit ILCA.

Support Groups
Meeting with other nursing moms is an excellent source of on going support. Share advice, find out how other moms overcome challenges and get an opportunity to socialize. Many hospitals hold support groups or know of local resources. Different organizations like La Leche League hold support groups in many locations.

Online Support and Resources
If you have questions that may not warrant an appointment with a professional, peer support can be very helpful. There are many breastfeeding support groups on Facebook and its a great place to seek support during that 3 am feeding! Kellymom and La Leche League websites have evidenced based articles covering many breastfeeding concerns.

Resources in The Philadelphia Area
The Breastfeeding Help Center – home visits in some Philadelphia area suburbs and office visits in Langhorne

The Breastfeeding Resource Center – Office visits in Abington and Bensalem. Weekly support groups at both locations.

Breastfeeding support at Pennsylvania Hospital – Classes, IBCLC services and support group in Philadelphia

Breastfeeding support at Einstein Mocntgomery – Support group in East Norritown

La Leche League of Eastern PA – peer support groups in different areas of Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs.

Nursing Mothers’ Advisory Council – peer phone support, peer counselor assignment and monthly support groups in the greater Philadelphia area.

Building a network of support can help you reach your breastfeeding goals and ease the transition into motherhood. Whether family,  professional or peer support never be hesitant to seek help, it takes a village to raise children!