Sleep Training, Right or Wrong?

IMG_20150109_132916A question so many parents and experts wonder is, is sleep training right or wrong? The simplest answer, it is neither. Sleep training is such a broad term and can mean so many things. When it comes to the term sleep training, closing the door at 8 pm on your five week old and not opening it until 8 am is often lumped together with gently night weaning your eleven month old. One is not recommending by most experts as a five week old usually needs night feeds and care in order to thrive while the other is unlikely to impact their growth and well being. Continue reading

Bed-sharing, Is It Safe?


Adding a new addition to your family often means life revolving around getting enough sleep to function.  Some families find co-sleeping (baby within arms reach but not necessarily on a shared surface) and bed-sharing to aid in the quest of adequate sleep during life with an infant.  With PSA campaigns, advice from family and varying recommendations from healthcare providers it can be confusing to decide what sleep arrangement works best for your family. Continue reading

Sleeping Through The Night, The Elusive Milestone

IMG_20140703_194548Simply put, our culture is obsessed with infant sleep. Whether it is the pediatrician or a random stranger on the street, if you have a baby in your arms the question, “how does she sleep?” almost ALWAYS comes up. The frequent questioning leads many new parents to worry constantly about how, when, and where their infant is sleeping. I am not really certain why it is any business of a stranger, or why we feel compelled to ask (I’m guilty of asking too!) its become a normal question, as normal as asking someone how they are. It has become common small talk, but unfortunately it causes deep worrying for many new parents. It also leads to lying or sugar coating because we are so worried about what others will think. One UK study found that a third of parents lie about how well their children sleep.1 Dr. Sears mentions in his one book2 an even higher number of parents lie about how well and where their infants sleep. Under pressure new parents lie which in turn causes even more new parents to worry why their child is not sleeping all through the night. Next time you cousin Suzy brags about her eight week old sleeping twelve hours a night, remember she just might be sugar coating the truth! Continue reading