Enjoy Your Baby!


There are many things that can distract and take away from enjoying your baby. Here are five quick tips to help you enjoy the early weeks with your newborn.

1. Plan ahead! Will dad have paternity leave? Where will meals come from? Who is helping with older children? Taking time long before delivery to have those questions answered will relieve some stress once the baby arrives.

2. Ask for help. It is true, it takes a village to raise a child. No parent should do this alone. If you belong to a church, moms group, or any other organization ask other moms for help and support. Ask relatives if they can offer a hand. Consider budgeting for help, whether a doula, mother’s helper, cleaner or grocery delivery service.

3. Adjust your expectations. Your house may not be pristine and perfect for awhile and that is okay!

4. If you are breastfeeding and things are off to a rough start seek help immediately. Most hospitals have lactation consultants on staff, ask to meet with them before you leave. Once you are home if you are having difficulty seek help from an IBCLC. Do not watch the clock while nursing, it will make you unnecessarily stressed.

5. Rest. Rest. Rest! It really does take at least a full six weeks to recover. You will not be getting six and eight hour stretches of sleep so plenty of day time naps will likely be needed in the early weeks. Think about how many hours of sleep you normally need per night and aim to get that over 24 hours through a series of naps.