Facebook Eyes: Why You Can’t Mom Compare

20150304_135435Facebook has become a wonderful tool for moms to connect with other moms. Connection is wonderful, but we might also begin to see each others’ lives through Facebook eyes – eyes that only see the positive updates and Pinterest worthy pictures. I know I try hard to keep a positive attitude, to not put anyone down and to encourage other moms. In that effort sometimes it seems that life is peachy and that I have it together, but really I am simply trying to post appropriately to my social media accounts. When we see just the Facebook appropriate posts it is easy to compare these tidbits with our reality. When we see our friend’s homemade pancakes our kid’s cereal bar suddenly seems like a breakfast fail. What we fail to compare is that you got your preschooler to school on time while your husband was out of town, the fact that your kid even ate breakfast is a win!

In the interest of transparency, and a little humor, below sums up my last day or so through Facebook eyes and reality.

Facebook post: Got the boys to the bus stop on time! Now to enjoy that cup of coffee 🙂
Reality: After two tantrums over pants, cereal bars for breakfast and a brisk jog to the bus stop the boys just barely caught the bus. Now hopefully I can gulp down my coffee before I spend a half hour trying to get the baby down for his morning nap…

Facebook post: Really enjoyed some quiet time driving to physical therapy this morning. Catch a mom break when you can!
Reality:  Thankful for some quiet time! It is much needed after having to leave by 10:45 AM for a noon appointment.

Facebook post: 
 The baby just took a 2.5 hour nap. Definitely needed that!
Reality:  Teething baby finally took a 2 hour nap…and by nap I mean he laid in my arms, eyes sort of closed and nursing every ten minutes because his gums hurt :-/ At least I got to sit down? It is cool little buddy, no one needs clean laundry…

Facebook post: Homemade chili, baked potatoes and homemade vegan banana bread YUM!
Reality: Thankful we had homemade chili in the freezer, way too exhausted to cook. Technology is an amazing thing, microwaving “baked” potatoes is perfection when you haven’t planned dinner and realize it is already 5 PM! Been slacking in encouraging the kids to eat more fresh fruit and veggies so I made banana bread to use up the browning bananas. If it is made with fruit can that just replace one of their fruit/veggie servings for the day?

Facebook post: The boys can be so sweet. My oldest just helped the youngest find his pajamas for bedtime. Love a strong sibling bond!
Reality:  So thankful the boys help each other. My oldest just helped the youngest find his pajamas. If only they always got along…twenty seconds later I heard, “hiya!”, jumping and then crying. At least bedtime is near!!!

IMG_20150304_133020Facebook post: Mhmmm just made this vegan french toast for breakfast. Fast and delicious!
Reality: Just made this vegan french toast. Simple to put together but thankful my husband was home because I got distracted by the screaming baby and started burning it….

20150304_100607Facebook post: Making wonderful progress in the master bedroom. Almost done with the drywall. Very excited to turn this room into a comfy space!
20150222_085027Reality: So, this is life… a mattress in my living room. Glad the drywall is done, counting the nights until I’m sleeping in a real room!

I am thankful for my family, my home and my work but it is not always peachy. I also browse my newsfeed sometimes thinking, “wow does she have it together!” The reality though, it is just Facebook eyes which give many of us unrealistic expectations for life. This is not to say we should post differently, just to say we need to remember that the nature of social media is sharing the good, not the reality. Do you ever feel insecure after scrolling through your newsfeed?