Five Tips to Help You Enjoy Breastfeeding


There will likely be times you feel like all you are doing is constantly feeding baby. It can be very trying to breastfeed, but sometimes little things can make it more enjoyable. Here are a few quick tips:

1. Reframe your thinking. We often think about all the other things we could be doing and it creates stress. Try to think positively, “How nice, I get to pause and spend time snuggling and feeding my baby.” It might not work everytime but when it does it can reduce stress.

2. Have an activity for those long nursing sessions. Give yourself something to look forward to during those early days and growth spurts. A book, a tv series or another activity you resume at each feed.

3. Rest and relax. Nurse
sidelying and rest while baby feeds. Relax on the couch (do NOT sleep on couch with baby) or another comfy spot with a treat, dessert or anything else that makes you happy.

4. Use more skin to skin. Breastfeeding releases oxytocin, a feel good hormone. Skin to skin also releases oxytocin. Doing lots of skin to skin while you are feeding can help boost oxytocin and lower stress hormones. Skin to skin is also great for your milk supply. If a lower supply or growth spurt is contributing to the frequent feeds this might help baby eventually give longer stretches between feeds.

5. Wear your baby. Breastfeeding while baby wearing can allow you to be mobile and hands free while nursing. Babywearing in general can also help with milk supply.

Being a mom is such a blessing but it is filled with trying times. Making a conscious effort to practice self care and try to make things enjoyable is beneficial not only to you but also your family. The chores and errands will always be there but you baby will only be this little once, try to enjoy it.