Philadelphia Birth: Midwives, Doulas, Photogs and More!


The Philadelphia area is wonderful for many reasons and one of those reasons is the number of birth options available to growing families. Here are a few reasons why giving birth in the Philadelphia area is awesome:

1.Midwives, birth centers, top hospitals and more! The Philadehia area has multiple homebirth midwives giving low risk women the option to deliver safely in the comfort of their own homes. Not looking for a homebirth but desiring the personal midwifery style of care? No problem! This area has multiple free standing birth centers that allow low risk women to deliver in a home like environment with a skilled care provider. Click here for a list of some local midwifery practices.  If being out of the hospital is not for you but you still want a midwife, even that is not a problem here. You can choose from multiple area hospitals and midwifery practices and benefit from midwifery care in a hospital setting. If you are not low risk, or desire an obstetrician attended birth, there a many practices, clinics and hospitals to choose from. Take advantage of having options, think about your desires for birth and find a provider open to those desires.

2. Lots of childbirth education options. Many hospitals provide childbirth classes but many parents would like to learn more than just the basics. Fortunatley for those desiring a lot of information this city has many independent childbirth educators offering comprehensive classes. With Birth Works, Bradley, Lamaze and more, you are certain to find the right class for you. For more information about the comprehensive childbirth class offered by Flexible doula: click here.

3. Birth photography, capture your delivery! The Philadehia area has many amazing artists including birth photographers. Capture the fierceness of your delivery, the moment your baby takes a breath and the first moments of bonding.

4. Doulas! Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum periods are times of excitement but also times of change. Families can be supported by doulas throughout their pregnacy, during their labor and then in the home as they adjust to life with a new addition. Birth doulas are professionally trained labor support and postpartum doulas are professionals with education and experience helping families in their home after the arrival of their newborn. Still uncertain about what a doula is? Click here for a more detailed description.

5. Support, and lots of it! In addition to the support from your care provider, educator and doula you can find many peer to peer support groups and classes to build your support network. From La Leche League to mommy and me art classes you and your little one can grow and learn while meeting lots of other new moms. It takes a village to raise a child and though Philadelphia may not look like a village you can still find support. For more ideas on building your village of support click here. 

With amazing restaurants, arts and culture and endless entertainment options Philadelphia is an amazing city to live in; and an amazing place to grow your family!