Sleep Training, Right or Wrong?

IMG_20150109_132916A question so many parents and experts wonder is, is sleep training right or wrong? The simplest answer, it is neither. Sleep training is such a broad term and can mean so many things. When it comes to the term sleep training, closing the door at 8 pm on your five week old and not opening it until 8 am is often lumped together with gently night weaning your eleven month old. One is not recommending by most experts as a five week old usually needs night feeds and care in order to thrive while the other is unlikely to impact their growth and well being. Continue reading

The Holidays With Little Ones

xmastreelexThe holidays are a time of cheer, family time and….fussy babies? Our Decembers are often filled with errands, visitors, stress and travel – all things that can make for overtired and overstimulated babies. While we do need to slow down when we have children it is still possible to have a full holiday season and happy babies. Here are a few tips for enjoying the holiday season with children: Continue reading

Ten Things That Make A Mom Feel Like A Superhero

At times, just getting to the end of the day with a shred of sanity makes you feel like a superhero, and rightfully so! Sometimes though,  little things remind you of your awesome super parent powers.

1. Nothing says supermom more than successfully transferring a sleeping infant from the car to the house. I can’t be the only mom that does a little victory dance when that would be carseat power nap magically transforms into two hours of blissful silence. For most this is a very rare occurrence and deserves nothing less than a tip toe victory dance to celebrate your awesomeness. Continue reading

Budget Babywearing


Whether you are an experienced babywearer lusting after a custom carrier or a new parent overwhelmed by the cost of baby gear, it can be easy to assume babywearing is a costly thing.  While some carriers are pricey (and often for good reason) it is very possible to get a quality carrier for a very reasonable price. Here are a few babywearing on a budget tips: Continue reading

Babywearing For Everyone!

I recall a parenting DVD where a mom said, “I didn’t think I would use a sling,  I’m not exactly the hippie type, but it keeps her calm and I have free hands!” Babywearing is not just a trend or a parenting style, it is practical. Baby stays happy and caregivers are able to do many things.  Here are five everyday tasks made easier with babywearing: Continue reading

What I Learned Taking a Childbirth Class


Years ago I was a first time expectant mom and while I was excited, I did not realize just how big birth is. Birth is not just a moment, it is the beginning of a new chapter and a new life.

Every pregnancy and every birth shape us in some way. I chose a care provider and thought that was the only big pregnancy decision I needed to make.

Fortunately, I made a good choice in providers and she recommended I take a Maternal Wellness Center (MWC) childbirth preparation class. During that class I learned more than just the stages of labor.

This is what I learned: Continue reading

Bottles, Herbs and Frustration: When Breastfeeding Does Not Go As Planned


Imagine spending months looking forward to breastfeeding, taking a class and reading every book only to find yourself struggling to feed your baby.  Breastfeeding is our biological norm so it should come naturally and quickly to all mother baby pairs, right? Unfortunately, no, it does not always come easily. While the majority of mother baby pairs are able to exclusively breastfeed with proper support and education, some pairs have unfortunate hurdles (maybe even mountains) standing between them and exclusively breastfeeding.  Certainly our birth culture impacts breastfeeding, some common delivery and postpartum practices can complicate things. For some pairs though, regardless of delivery and postpartum experiences, breastfeeding is unfairly challenging. Continue reading