Ten Things That Make A Mom Feel Like A Superhero

At times, just getting to the end of the day with a shred of sanity makes you feel like a superhero, and rightfully so! Sometimes though,  little things remind you of your awesome super parent powers.

1. Nothing says supermom more than successfully transferring a sleeping infant from the car to the house. I can’t be the only mom that does a little victory dance when that would be carseat power nap magically transforms into two hours of blissful silence. For most this is a very rare occurrence and deserves nothing less than a tip toe victory dance to celebrate your awesomeness.

2. Catching that wiggling newborn foot before it hits the poop below is grounds for diaper changer of the year award. Those feet are quick and slippery! The last thing you want to do is search for another pair of matching socks that actually stay on those wiggly little feet.

3.  Getting everything on your grocery list can be a huge feat and when it happens you have more than earned that chocolate bar at the check out lane. You will probably have to eat it in the bathroom so you don’t have to share, but conquering that list is still a sweet victory!

4. You made a new recipe and everyone ate all of it without a single complaint, you are amazing! You know it tastes good but convincing little, unadventurous palates to try something new can seem impossible. No complaints and empty plates are nothing short of concrete evidence proving your super mom status. It may not happen again so be sure to relish in your victory.

5. You get to work or an appointment not just on time but five minutes early. That is worthy of a lifetime achievement award. No matter how much you plan or organize, little ones have a way of proving you cannot control another human and they can’t control their hunger or bowels…making this an amazing victory.

6. The kids are actually asleep by bedtime AND you have energy left to enjoy it. Nothing says super powers more than creating a couple hours of kid free time before your own bedtime.  Bedtime is another lesson in the, you can’t control another human curriculum.

7. The first time you nurse your baby not at home or in the car can be a huge accomplishment for some. It often occurs out of necessity and afterwards you are left realizing you can be out and about with baby while watching the clock a little bit less.

8. You bravely decide to go out to eat and not only do the kids behave but they are complimented for their wonderful behavior. There is no hiding that proud glow on your face. Even better is the feeling that just made up for your last attempt out that ended with little Jimmy spilling his milk while baby Emma woke screaming like she was near death.

9. Your cat like reflexes caught the spilling cup, falling toddler or flying bodily fluid to prevent sure disaster. There are all kinds of beliefs about a sixth sense but I’m thoroughly convinced it is a mom sense. Once your heart starts beating again, celebrate the fact that your super powers saved you from cleaning another mess or wound.

10. You hear the words, “I love you,” or see that toothless baby smile.  The best victory of all is knowing these little ones see you as a superhero regardless of how the day unfolds. You can cure pain with a kiss, defeat monsters under the bed with a few words and you love with all you have. You not only feel like a superhero,  you ARE a superhero.

Being a parent is hard. Even if none of the above happened today, know you are amazing.  Sometimes the silly moments above simply remind us of our awesomeness that is always present, even when we are feeling under accomplished.