You Might Be A Nursing Mom If…


Breastfeeding can be challenging and amazingly rewarding, but it can also be downright amusing.  Nursing can make us do things without a second thought, things we would never have imagined doing.

You might be a nursing mom if…
1. You feel let down,  realize you forgot nursing pads and instantly apply counter pressure to your chest hoping you will not leak right through your shirt. Randomly touching your breasts has become so normal that you do not realize what you are doing until Sally the cashier gives you a weird look for touching yourself in the checkout lane.

2. You occasionally (or always!) get so hungry you can out eat a quarterback at an all you can eat buffet. You planned to eat clean and focus on postpartum health. Yet, here it is, nine at night and you’re eating dinner leftovers and chocolate cake because your baby is sucking every ounce of energy fron you.

3. You plan date nights and outtings based on their worthiness to make you accept using your frenemy, the breast pump. Sure, you’re thankful for some adult only time but is it worthy of twenty minutes strapped to a pump? Sometimes it is totally worth it and other times you will be sure to be home before anyone defrosts a bottle.

4. You forgot which breast you fed from at the last feed so you spend a moment feeling the density of each breast. Yup, more touching without any thought. At least in this scenario baby is about to latch so everyone knows you’re a nursing mom.

5. You drink as much as a camel, except unlike a camel you do not stay hydrated long. That 8 oz glass of water before you leave the house is not going to cut it. You grab your tumbler filled with ice water and contemplate if you would look odd walking the mall wearing a camelpack.

6. You have accidentally christened someone with liquid gold. Some women have a strong let down reflex and a curious baby which can mean baby unlatching to look around and you left spraying anything in a one to two foot radius.

7. You have a mental map of every bench, family lounge and easy to use changing room in a ten mile radius of your home. Whether a visit to the park, a stroll at the mall or a trip out for errands you know the most convenient and comfortable spots for nursing.

8. You are excited your baby finally slept longer than three hours, until you realize how engorged you are. Then you contemplate attempting a dream feed rather than breaking out your frenemy. You never thought you would feel anything other than relief when baby slept, fortunately your body adjusts quickly to new feeding patterns.

9. You look forward to scarf season because scarves are not just a fashion statement.  Scarves not only look great they can make the most basic shirt nursing friendly.

10. No matter how difficult your breastfeeding relationship is you are so thankful for it. The everyday challenges often pale in comparison when your little nursling smiles, falls asleep happily or even claps after a feed. You also enjoy the always ready meal that often quickly calms a fussing baby.